Coroner's Service

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Coroner's Service

Services fournis :

The Coroner's Service of the Northwest Territories is responsible for the investigation of all sudden, unexpected deaths. For emergencies, please call 1-867-873-7460.

Prestataire des services :
Ministère de la Justice Coroner's Office
Public cible :
Personne-ressource :
Chief Coroner
Téléphone: 1-867-767-9251
Télécopieur: 1-867-873-0426
Renseignements :
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Accès aux services :
Par téléphone Par télécopieur MailCourriel En personne
Disponibilité du personnel :

Remarque : le personnel se déplace dans les collectivités lorsqu'il n'y a pas de personnel résident.

Autres renseignements :

A Coroner is medical-legal death investigator appointed by the Minister of Justice upon recommendation from the Chief Coroner. The Coroner is responsible for ascertaining the facts surrounding a death and must determine:
- The identity of the deceased; and
- How, when, where and by what means the deceased came to their death.

The death is then classified as Natural, Accidental, Suicide, Homicide or Undetermined.

The Coroner can also make recommendations to help improve public safety and prevent future deaths under similar circumstances.

The Coroner's Service is a fact finding, not a fault finding, agency that provides an independent service to the family, communities, government agencies and other organizations.

Staff travel to other communities depending on the circumstances of the death(s).

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