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The Sheriff's Office provides court security, jury management including the coordination of jury duty, and document services. The Sheriff's Office can also perform seizures of goods, evictions, and judicial sales.

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Consolidations of Statutes and Regulations can be viewed in PDF on the Department of Justice website.

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Community Justice Committees are made up of local volunteers who are interested in justice issues in their community and have a desire to help youth and adult offenders take responsibility for their actions, making the community a safer place to live.

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The Victims of Crime Emergency Fund (VCEF) is designed to provide limited financial assistance to help victims of serious violent crime with their emergency needs.

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This is a special-purpose fund used for community-based projects and activities that directly support or benefit victims of crime.

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A Victim Impact Statement is a written statement that tells the court how a crime affected you.

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The Victim Notification Program allows victims to apply to receive information about the offender who was convicted of a crime against them.

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This is a program for men who have used violence in their relationships, but want to change this behaviour to better their relationships with themselves, their partners, their children and their communities.. This GNWT program is currently delivered under contract through the John Howard Society of the NWT

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The Protection Against Family Violence Act can help victims in situations where there is family violence but no immediate danger. You can get this help by applying for a protection order.

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The public is able to visit inmates according to each correctional facility's rules and regulations.

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