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Provides financial assistance to seniors to help them pay for the cost of heating their homes.

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Provides assistance through a combination of grants and loans to NWT residents attending postsecondary studies.

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The holder of a wildlife export permit is entitled to
export dead wildlife specified in the permit.

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License to fish in the NWT.
Locations to get a Sport Fishing Licence:

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Solutions to Educate People (STEP) provides education and counselling assistance consisting of four courses designed to prepare participants for the requirements of homeownership.

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Homeownership Entry Level Program (HELP) provides assistance to prospective first-time homebuyers.

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Providing Assistance for Territorial Homeownership (PATH) allows clients the opportunity to become homeowners by assisting in the construction or purchase of a modest home.

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The Public Housing Program provides subsidized rental housing to individuals or families in Core Housing Need. Public Housing includes units for families, single persons and Senior Citizens.

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A General Hunting Licence authorizes the user to hunt, fish or trap in the NWT; this is for residents and non-residents.

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Provides information and collects taxes in regards to Fuel, Tobacco, Property and Payroll taxes

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