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The Family Law Mediation program is a free service that can help people who are separating or divorcing to agree about where their children will live, visitation, financial support and property division.

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The Court Registry receives, issues and/or files documents and fees, enters and records all judgements pronounced and provides administrative support to the judiciary. The Court Registry also issues, files and retains original divorce certificates.

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The Personal Property Registry is an online registry that allows both individuals and institutions to record their financial/secured interests in personal property (all property other than land such as cars, boats, equipment, appliances, etc.) in order to establish their priority as against other parties who have secured interests in the property.

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An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) is a legal order that provides emergency protection to victims of family violence. IF YOU ARE IN DANGER, CALL YOUR LOCAL RCMP.

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The Legal Aid Outreach Program is a weekly clinic for those living in poverty that is run out of the Community Legal Aid Clinic.

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The Children's Lawyer represents children involved with Child and Family services, as well as those who are involved in custody and access court cases.

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Under the Mental Health Act, if a doctor decides that a person is incapable of handling their own affairs, the Public Trustee is automatically appointed as a trustee.

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The Public Trustee will, in certain situations, manage a deceased person's estate.

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Under the Public Trustee Act, any money, excluding wages and salaries, payable to a child under the age of 19 are to be held in trust by the Public Trustee unless some other person has been appointed by the court to receive a child's money.

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The Residential Tenancies Act gives the Rental Officer specific powers and duties that are designed to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants who have entered into residential tenancy agreements.

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