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Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9091 ext 31235 Website

Short and long-term vehicle and aircraft parking are available at all airports subject to availability.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9084 ext. 31096 Website

Leasing commercial space on NWT Airport Properties can be arranged, subject to availability and approval, by the Airport Manager.

Businesses, Organizations Email 1-867-874-5023 Website

Requests for changes to a ferry operating schedule can be made to the Department for special community events or commercial transportation requirements.

Individuals Email 1-888-803-8773 Website

Through the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program, an individual convicted of impaired driving under the Criminal Code of Canada, may apply for an early return of their driving privileges, if an approved interlock is installed in their vehicle.

Businesses, Individuals Email 1-877-874-5009 Website

Registered owners of all northbound commercial vehicles over 4,500 kg crossing the Deh Cho Bridge will be subject to a toll.

Organizations Email 1-867-767-9082 ext. 31040

Provides financial contributions and technical assistance to rural and remote communities for the construction and maintenance of community access roads and local boating facilities in support of local recreation and subsistence harvesting activities and for winter road access to granular deposits.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-800-767-9082 ext. 31035 Website

The Department provides public information on the condition of NWT highways and information on weight restrictions that might be in effect.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-800- 767-9082 ext. 31035 Website

The Department of Transporation provides public information on the status of ferry service in the NWT on the department Internet website.

Businesses, Individuals Email 1-767-9082 ext. 31035 Website

The Department of Transportation provides updates on the operating season and conditions of winter roads in the NWT.

Individuals Email Website

Cabin owners wishing to tie their property to an NWT highway must apply for a Highway Access Permit before constructing a crossing through a highway right of way.

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