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Plan review for every construction or renovation project, including a change of occupancy from one type of use to another.

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The Active After School Program provides funding to schools and community-based organizations to build on existing programs or create new physical activities for all school-aged children and youth during the after-school time period with a strong focus on engaging currently inactive or underactive youth.

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The Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for delivering several programs relating to fire and life safety as identified in the Fire Prevention Act.

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The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs may provide funding to support community governments with the provision of Ground Ambulance and Highway Rescue Services.

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MACA offers a Community Emergency Planning workshop to help communities develop and update their community emergency plan and familiarize community members with their roles as Emergency Management Officials.

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Property assessment is the process used to assign a value in a fair and equitable manner to all assessable properties in the Northwest Territories.

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