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Contributions provide funding for NWT communities to obtain the services of an Economic Development Officer, who is responsible to that community through the provision of salary and operations funding to individual communities.

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One-time contributions are available through the Western Harvesters Assistance Program to local and regional Aboriginal organizations to assist and promote renewable resource harvesting.

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Compensation available for traditional harvesters in the event of loss or damages to equipment or assets due to natural disaster.

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Provides annual funding assistance through to Local Wildlife Committees for distribution to their respective memberships. These program funds assist in defraying a portion of capital and operating costs of their harvesting activities.

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Offers pricing, marketing, advances, and branding services for fur trappers. Also offers hide procurement for NWT fine arts and crafts traditional artisans.

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Introduces youth in the Northwest Territories to the Traditional Harvesting practices of hunting, trapping, fishing and outdoor survival.

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Acts as a liason to key contacts and service provides, communities, production companies and the Government for industry professionals seeking to film in the NWT.

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Promotes arts and fine crafts to local, national and international markets. Program registration is free to all NWT artists including those in traditional and contemporary visual arts and fine crafts, performing arts, literary arts and film/new media.

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Provides financial support for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or improve their capacity or skills as well as small communities seeking to expand their local economies.

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GNWT-operated Visitor Information Centres provide a number of services, depending on the locale. Offers reception and information to incoming visitors about the regions and the NWT in general.

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