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A multi-partnered online service that provides prospective business owners and entrepreneurs with one-stop access to permit and licence information across Canada.

Businesses, Individuals Email Website

Offers a core set of services including business loans and loan guarantees, counseling and assistance for entrepreneurs beginning or expanding a business, wage subsidies for those who are unemployed and want to start a new business and access to Canada Business NWT Internet sites and business information services.

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Contributions provide funding for NWT communities to obtain the services of an Economic Development Officer, who is responsible to that community through the provision of salary and operations funding to individual communities.

Businesses Email 1-867-873-7361 Website

Provides annual funding to recognized Local Wildlife Committees to help offset a portion of administrative costs and to assist in the delivery of related services and support to traditional harvesters in the NWT.

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Acts as a liason to key contacts and service provides, communities, production companies and the Government for industry professionals seeking to film in the NWT.

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Promotes arts and fine crafts to local, national and international markets. Program registration is free to all NWT artists including those in traditional and contemporary visual arts and fine crafts, performing arts, literary arts and film/new media.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-873-7361 Website

Provides financial support for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or improve their capacity or skills as well as small communities seeking to expand their local economies.

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Provides Tourism Operator Licences to tourism operators as considered under the Tourism Act. Regional ITI Licence Administrators are responsible for licensing NWT Tourism Operators, and fulfilling consultation requirements on all new or amended licences.

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Provides funding for business planning, product and product package development, as well as marketing. The Program helps applicants re-invent, improve or expand their tourism product and operations.

Businesses Email 1-867-873-7903

Supports initiatives by barren ground caribou and polar bear sport hunting outfitters to diversify their markets, develop new products, maintain existing facilities and wind down their businesses.

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