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The Legislation Division of the Department of Justice prepares the Northwest Territories Gazette, which includes the full text of all regulations and orders, notices of statutory appointments and revocations, and various governmental and non-governmental notices, all published in both English and French.

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The Annual Statutes volumes can be purchased through the Territorial Printer.

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The Northwest Territories Evidence Act allows the Minister of Justice of the Northwest Territories to appoint individuals as a Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Public.

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The Justice of the Peace program provides training for Justices of the Peace and maintains a register of Justices of the Peace who may perform civil marriage ceremonies.

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The Court Reporters' Office can provide transcripts of court proceedings held within the NWT.

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The Sheriff's Office provides court security, jury management including the coordination of jury duty, and document services. The Sheriff's Office can also perform seizures of goods, evictions, and judicial sales.

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Consolidations of Statutes and Regulations can be viewed in PDF on the Department of Justice website.

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NOT US is a set of community-based anti-drug campaigns.

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