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Abstracts: client should be directed to attend the issuing office near their location or email to request their drivers abstract, if they are an existing client that has signed up for online services they can also log in and purchase their abstract using online services. Note: they will not be able to access online services if they already transferred out to another jurisdiction.

Accident Reports: client is required to attend an issuing office near their location and fill out a request form and process payment and they will receive the accident report by method of request.

Businesses, Individuals Email 1-888-803-8773 Website

The Department of Transportation tracks convictions and fines levied against NWT drivers to ensure clients are fulfilling the requirements of NWT Courts or the Registrar.

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Flight arrival and departure information for the Yellowknife Airport is available on the department's website and at the Yellowknife Airport.

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Short and long-term vehicle and aircraft parking are available at all airports subject to availability.

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Leasing commercial space on NWT Airport Properties can be arranged, subject to availability and approval, by the Airport Manager.

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As part of GNWT's Archaeological Site management and protection program, ECE issues Archaeologists' permits to qualified archaeologists.

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Gathers, preserves and disseminates information on the traditional, current and historic names for geographic features and populated places throughout the Northwest Territories.

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A Territorial Historic Site designation is a commemorative assignment that carries no legal or landownership changes. The designation documents the heritage of these places for present and future generations to enjoy.

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Provides financial assistance, through an annual application process, to individuals and organizations involved in the creation, preservation, promotion and enhancement of the arts, cultures, heritage and languages of the Northwest Territories.

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All Qualified Electrical Workers, Electronic Technicians and Elevator Constructors must be registered under the Electrical Protection Act.

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