Service Directory

Individuals, Businesses, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9186 ext. 24166 Website

Provides access to or location of GNWT and non-GNWT digital data and finished products (maps) via Data>FAQ section of the website

Individuals, Businesses, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9186 ext. 24183 Website

Provides (after login) access to or location of GNWT Datasets via the Data/Download GNWT Datasets section of the website.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9233 ext. 53080 Website

Provides a web portal as a centralized source for NWT environmental monitoring knowledge. It was created to provide a common and primary source for discovering, storing and sharing environmental monitoring knowledge.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9165 ext. 21092 Website

Property assessment is the process used to assign a value in a fair and equitable manner to all assessable properties in the Northwest Territories.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-873-7100 Website

A Handbook that provides information on the membership of public committees, boards and councils in the NWT, as appointed in whole or in part by the Legislative Assembly, the Executive Council, a Minister or the Commissioner.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9261 Website

NOT US is a set of community-based anti-drug campaigns.

Businesses, Individuals Email 867-767-9236 ext. 53192 Website

All paper, plastic and biodegradable bags cost 25 cents in all NWT stores.

The program addresses the millions of disposable shopping bags that cause unsightly litter in our communities and on the land.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9172 Website

Update of all client files including addresses, phone numbers, and banking information

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9174 ext. 15135 Website

Clients have the ability to pay their bills to the GNWT either online (through financial institution), at the bank, over the phone or at the FSS cash drawer.

Businesses, Individuals, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9170 ext. 15067 Website

The GNWT participates in CRTC Proceedings that have impact on northern telecommunications and broadband services and pricing and the competitive environment for Northern service providers.

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