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The Personal Property Registry is an online registry that allows both individuals and institutions to record their financial/secured interests in personal property (all property other than land such as cars, boats, equipment, appliances, etc.) in order to establish their priority as against other parties who have secured interests in the property.

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An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) is a legal order that provides emergency protection to victims of family violence. IF YOU ARE IN DANGER, CALL YOUR LOCAL RCMP.

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The Active After School Program provides funding to schools and community-based organizations to build on existing programs or create new physical activities for all school-aged children and youth during the after-school time period with a strong focus on engaging currently inactive or underactive youth.

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The Regional Youth Sport Events Program provides support to schools and sport and recreation organizations to organize and host regional youth sport events.

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The NWT Youth Ambassadors Program offers a guided and structured volunteer experience for NWT youth at major territorial, national and international events.

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The Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for delivering several programs relating to fire and life safety as identified in the Fire Prevention Act.

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The School of Community Government offers many programs led by knowledgable instructors.

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A permit is required to use pesticides anywhere in the NWT. Contact your local or regional ENR office for a pesticide permit.

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If you want to harvest firewood in the NWT you need a wood cutting permit. Permits are free. Contact your local or regional ENR office for a permit.

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The Legal Aid Outreach Program is a weekly clinic for those living in poverty that is run out of the Community Legal Aid Clinic.

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