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The General Identification Card (GIC) is a secure, government issued photo identification card which can be issued to any resident of the Northwest Territories 12 years of ageÿor older.

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Flight arrival and departure information for the Yellowknife Airport is available on the department's website and at the Yellowknife Airport.

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Residents of the Northwest Territories are eligible to receive one of 8 $5,000 scholarships from a fund sponsored by the NWT Department of Transportation, Discovery Air (which owns Air Tindi and Great Slave Helicopters), North-Wright Airways, and First Air.

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Short and long-term vehicle and aircraft parking are available at all airports subject to availability.

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Leasing commercial space on NWT Airport Properties can be arranged, subject to availability and approval, by the Airport Manager.

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Search for career opportunities in the GNWT public service.

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Internships for graduating Northern students

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Summer employment with the GNWT for Northern students

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As part of GNWT's Archaeological Site management and protection program, ECE issues Archaeologists' permits to qualified archaeologists.

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Gathers, preserves and disseminates information on the traditional, current and historic names for geographic features and populated places throughout the Northwest Territories.

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