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Administers funding programs under the Cultural Contributions Policy and coordinates a full range of professional services related to arts, cultural, and heritage activities. Activities include providing planning assistance to organizations, workshops and training opportunities, and advice to individuals.

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The Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act and Regulations requires every boiler and/or pressure vessel installed for use in the Northwest Territories be registered and have an operating certificate.

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Acquires museum objects and archival materials that represent the cultures and history of the NWT and also documents and provides information about the cultures and history of the NWT. Provides public exhibits and galleries, education and public programs.

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A valid permit is required before starting work on any type of electrical or electronic installation in the Northwest Territories.

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Acquires objects, specimens and works of art that represent all cultures of the Northwest Territories and provides for the repository, and management, of archaeological collections made under NWT Archaeological Sites Regulations.

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Produce copies of historical records in the NWT Archives Collection.

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Archives staff answer questions related to the history of the NWT or assist researchers in accessing historical records.

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Education Operations Development accepts queries in relation to the data collected, compiled and analyzed for the 'Towards Excellence' publication.

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Licenses, monitors and provides program development support funding to early childhood programs.

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Authorizes the holder to cut a maximum of 60 cubic metres of fuelwood, building logs, transplants (maximum of 20 trees), fence posts, or timber in a given area during a period of up to one year.

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