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The Inuvik Regional Hospital is the only hospital facility in the Beaufort-Delta region.

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Long Term Care facilities provide services for individuals whose needs cannot be safely met through home care or supported living. These individuals may have chronic and/or complex care needs, including multiple and severe disabilities or health issues resulting in reduced function.

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Free immunization programs are delivered by public health or community health nurses.

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A marriage certificate is required to prove your marriage is legal.

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You will need to apply for a marriage licence in order to get married in the NWT.

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Before a marriage in the Northwest Territories can be made official, it must be registered with the Registrar General of Vital Statistics

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Helps those who are eligible with medical travel costs.

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Information on mental health and available resources for individuals who are looking to get help.

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Metis Health Benefits program to provide registered Metis residents of the Northwest Territories with access to a wide range of benefits not covered by hospital and medical care insurance.

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Non-Insured Health Benefits Program provides some coverage to First Nations people and Inuit to goods and services when they are not insured elsewhere.

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