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Contact your community health centre to find out what services they provide during and after pregnancy, and for the new growing baby.

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Information about your sexual health

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Through the Extended Health Benefits Program sponsored by the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), non-Native and Metis residents of the Northwest Territories who have specified disease conditions are provided with certain benefits not covered by hospital and medical care insurance.

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Provides health services as a territorial referral centre to residents of the Northwest Territories and the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut.

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Supported Living provides increased care services and a degree of supervision when needs exceed home and community care services.

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Information to help you register and order certificates for vital events, such as a birth, death, marriage, or legal changes of name.

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Legally change your given name and/or your last name for any reason other than a marriage, divorce, annulment or the death of your spouse.

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