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Provides information and collects taxes in regards to Fuel, Tobacco, Property and Payroll taxes

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Pursuant to the Insurance Act, regulate the business of insurance in the NWT, principally by reviewing and approving license applications by insurers and agents, and by assisting the public with any situations requiring explanation and/or informal mediation.

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Assists communities with plebiscites and temporary prohibition requests

Businesses Email 1-867-767-9171 ext. 15086

Subsidy for small commercial operators for the first 1000 hours of power consumed in a month.

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Receiving payments from the GNWT directly to your bank account

Individuals, Businesses, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9303 / 1-877-743-3301 Website

The Personal Property Registry is an online registry that allows both individuals and institutions to record their financial/secured interests in personal property (all property other than land such as cars, boats, equipment, appliances, etc.) in order to establish their priority as against other parties who have secured interests in the property.

Individuals, Businesses, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9161 ext. 21026 Website

The Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for delivering several programs relating to fire and life safety as identified in the Fire Prevention Act.

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A permit is required to use pesticides anywhere in the NWT. Contact your local or regional ENR office for a pesticide permit.

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The Residential Tenancies Act gives the Rental Officer specific powers and duties that are designed to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants who have entered into residential tenancy agreements.

Individuals, Businesses, Organizations Email 1-867-767-9254 / 1-800-661-0760 Website

The NWT Rental Office provides an important service to both landlords and tenants as a convenient source of information regarding the obligations and responsibilities contained in tenancy agreements.

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